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5-HTP’s Benefits To One’s Health

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We all have our own ways on how to cope up with our various personal struggles in life. When we wanted to lose weight, we give a portion of our time to do some exercises and go on a diet. When we go through depression and anxiety, we seek comfort and advice from our closest friends and family. When we suffer from insomnia, we usually take sleeping pills just to be alleviated from such suffering.

However, sometimes all we need is just a supplement that would take all these worries away. Az Natural Supplements highly recommends you to take 5-HTP.

What is 5-HTP then?

5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a chemical that the body makes from tryptophan (an essential amino acid that you get from food). It is also the immediate nutrient precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin (5-HT). This means, 5-HTP converts directly into serotonin in the brain. As we all know, serotonin has profoundly important functions in our system. The role in sleep, appetite, memory, learning, temperature regulation, mood, sexual behavior, cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, and endocrine regulation are just some of the amazing wonders of serotonin.

However, as we age, serotonin production in our body declines thus, over the years, we experienced depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Also, low levels of serotonin can lead to various other complaints and disorders, diminishing one’s quality of life.

     5-HTP Helps.

As a natural nutrient supplement, 5-HTP is widely prescribed to alleviate disorders like anxiety, sleep disturbance, PMS, obesity, chronic headaches, and other chronic pain disorders. Furthermore, it has proven and tested how beneficial is 5-HTP when taken in our body.

5-HTP Enhances Mood.

For its mood-enhancing properties, 5-HTP is specifically designed to counteract age-related serotonin depletion and to provide general mood enhancement. Because it supports healthy serotonin levels, it may help those who are subject to mild to moderate depression.

There is a growing body of both clinical evidences showing that 5-HTP can alleviate the symptoms of some forms of depression. They can also boost various aspects of mental function to maximize our abilities.

All you need is just 1-2 of Az Natural’s 100 mg 5-HTP supplement per day and it will help boost your mental health and give you happiness. Pure ingredients found in these supplements are proven to boost serotonin levels, which helps with mind and body relaxation, stress management, and will even aid with sleep as an effective cure for insomnia.

5-HTP Cures Insomnia.

Sleep disorders, like insomnia can be associated with medical, psychological, and social disturbances. In addition to fatigue, sleep deprivation can lead to impairment of memory, mood, and immune function, as well as to anxiety, depression, and stress. Nutritional supplements containing 5-HTP can alleviate these problems by assisting you in getting a good night’s sleep.

5-HTP has long been used as a sleep aid. Studies shows that increased levels of serotonin – obtained by supplementing with 5-HTP – help reestablish healthy sleep patterns in people with chronic sleep disturbances. Serotonin has even been shown to help ease withdrawal from hypnotic drugs.

Enjoy the benefits of falling asleep fast every night and feeling relaxed and well-rested throughout the day using our 5-HTP. Jump Start every morning with no caffeine.

5-HTP is the best weight loss solution.

5-HTP, well known for its use in serotonin deficiency syndrome, is recognized as a natural carbohydrate appetite satisfier. It is readily converted into serotonin in the brain, which in turn causes the release of cholecystokinin, the satiety hormone. Thus, 5-HTP is likely to affect weight loss via two different mechanisms: fat burning and appetite satisfaction.

Our 5HTP supplement is the perfect addition to your diet plan to help you lose weight fast. These pills are a natural appetite suppressant to control your eating, and also have mood enhancing effects.

5-HTP is like a FAMILY.

With all its wide-range of benefits, 5-HTP is a family in so many ways. It can help you mellow out, satisfy your appetite, and withstand stress. It can also help prevent pain, improve sleep, relieve muscle stress, and even improve certain types of memory.

And just like a family, it change one’s life.

These are just some of the benefits 5-HTP could provide in order to improve your health and well-being. As a company which greatly values our customers’ health, Az Natural Supplements will provide you, not only with great service but also effective products that fits your needs. Check out for more articles coming your way. Be Updated. Be Informed. Here at Az Naturals, we will truly care for you. ###

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